Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Why Orquídea Condominium?

Most travelers choose and prefer to stay in condominiums instead of hotel or hostel. Why condominiums rather than staying in hostels or hotels? There are great reasons why travelers go to Orquídea Condominium of Pousadas Em Natal.

Firstly, Orquídea Condominium offers the serenity and safety environment for travelers and it is a great option than staying in a hotel. The condo has an advantage because it is situated only 300 meters from the Ponta Negra Beach which is close and accessible to markets, restaurants, bars, and cafes. It is designed just like a home with garage, living room, dining place with kitchen, bathroom, double room, a twin room, and a well-appointed bathroom and can have capacity for five people including children. Orquidea Condominium gives you comfy and form of a first rate place to stay by providing hammock and chairs along the balcony to appreciate the wonders of nature of Natal, Brazil like the beaches.

Second, Orquídea Condominium can save your money rather that staying in a hotel. If you are planning to spend a holiday vacation with your friends and families, better book or reserve earlier so that you can get discounts and you can choose the best room that suits your satisfaction. There are special low season promo rates 25% discount exclusively for the months of March, April, May, June, August, September, October and November. Otherwise, if you book during peak season, there will be a big difference for the room rates and this might affect your budget during your travel.

Third, it has recreational facilities like the fitness center and the 10m cascading swimming pool where it provides guests to be physically fit by taking a swim as an exercise. Travelers do not want to be sick while on a vacation trip. It would be a disaster if it happens and your trip will be the worst travel of your life because of not being physically fit. It can save your money as well rather that going to the gym or fitness center.

Fourth difference why Orquídea Condominium rather than choosing a hotel is that, it gives privacy, ease and classiness. It offers fully-furnished room apartment for temporary rental, with a car provided in the garage so that you can feel at home. The provided car can also be used when you want to move around the city and explore the beauty of Natal, Brazil with no extra costs.

Fifth, the area has WiFi access. So if you are on a business trip you can still communicate with your boss or clients via online. Or you can connect online with your families and friends if you missed them so much. The WiFi internet access can also help you give or suggests information and places to visit if this is your first time to travel Natal, Brazil but still you can ask the staff or accredited tourist guides if you need assistance. Aside in the leisure area you can find, children’s pool, a little park, barbeque, garden table with chairs and parasols.

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