Huwebes, Enero 5, 2012

Things to do while in Pousadas Em Natal

Parque das DunasBrazil has a lot to offer, the many attractions like the beaches, parks, lakes and dolphin bay. Brazil has lots of hotels to offer, all hotels are world class. But of all the hotels in Brazil, Pousadas Em Natal offers the best hotels that are considered to be cheap and offer services to its guest like no other hotels in Brazil would. Not to mention that it is one of the top places in Brazil, Pousadas Em Natal also is near to all of the tourist spots that are visited by tourists worldwide.

While staying in Pousadas Em Natal, the tourist expects that they will have a great time because of the so many sites and attractions that are located in just the area of Pousadas Em Natal. Some of these tourist attractions are being used as backgrounds for movies.

Some of the tourist attractions that are near Pousadas Em Natal are as follows:

Park of Dunes which is also known as Parque das Dunas in Brazilian dialect, the Park of Dunes is a legally protected environment that occupies a total of 1,172 area of hectares in the urban area of Natal. By visiting the Park of Dunes, one can better understand and learn the geological formation of Pousadas Em Natal as well as the many wildlife creatures that inhabits Brazil. The Park of Dunes is mainly visited by archaeologists that are interested in the formations of land because of the natural landscape that the Park of Dunes has.

The beaches in Natal are very famous all over the world. The waves here are big which enables surfers to practice and enjoy and all famous surfers who are competing worldwide come here to practice. Also, the beaches of Natal are flocked by tourist who wants to have a tan. Because of the natural and gorgeous beauty of the beaches in Natal, some of the scenes in Hollywood movies are shot here.

Park of Dunes also offers the most famous Southcost tour by buggy, the tour visits the place of large lagoons known as Jenipabu and Pitangui e Jacuma. These lagoons are formed by the accumulation of water from rain over dunes. The places visited during the tour has many restaurants and bars which will give the tourists a time to enjoy themselves. Also, you can have a buggy ride on the beaches of Jenipabu before heading back to Natal.

If you are a beach person, you must not miss visiting the Dolphin Bay. The Dolphin bay is a place in Brazil that is inhabited by Dolphins. Tourists from all over the world come here to try and witness dolphins playing alongside the bay. There is also a small restaurant in the hill where you can spot dolphins catching their food in the bay.

Truly, Pousadas Em Natal is one of the places in the world that you have to visit. Along with all the many tourist attractions that are present in the area, Pousadas Em Natal gives its tourists a one of a kind experience.